Adopt an abandoned poo

No, I'm not asking you to take a poo home to give all your love, lol. Adopt here means to treat as yours, or better, as your dog's poo.

It’s true that, unfortunately, there’s a lot of people who don’t pick their dogs poo, but have you ever thought that a lot of the feces left on the streets may belong to abandoned dogs, who have no one to pick for them? That’s why I’ve decided to pick not only my dog’s poo, but also those that were on my way.

But I can’t make a big difference. So I’ve decided to create a campaign here on my blog to make others to think about and maybe decide to do the same. The city will looks better and without poo on the streets, a person will think twice before abandon your dog’s poo. Besides, the whole society wins in public health, since the mosquitoes that transmit leishmaniasis lay the eggs  in places rich in organic materials, mostly in feces.


Let’s adopt this idea? If you also want to help to spread this campaign, I can send by e-mail some banners for websites and blogs. Or the poster art to be printed and posted in petshops and vet clinics. Thank you!


Cate disse…
I've copied that image and I'll put it in my sidebar.
Good for you, great campaign to get started, I wish you lots of Good Luck!
Andréa Lopes disse…
That will be wonderful Cate! It's very kind of you. Thank you so much!